5 Tips to Keep Your Home Pest Free

Jan 16 2020

Cockroaches, wasps, mice, termites, ants, and a number of other pests may become unwanted house guests if you’re not careful. Many Staten Island homeowners face pest problems to their dismay. It takes little time to develop a problem with these and many other pests. If you want to keep your home pest-free, the following five tips make that a little easier. Use this information to maintain a clean pest-free house.

1.    Keep it Clean: Pests come into homes that provide them with warmth and food. Even small crumbs left on the counter can attract pests. Pay special attention to the cleanliness of the kitchen.  Mop and vacuum the floors, take out the trash, wipe off the counters. A clean home isn’t attractive for any pest.

2.    Call pest Control: Preventative measures ensure pests aren’t a problem in your home. You can also call staten island exterminators if you need to treat a pest problem.

3.    Repair It: Pests enter the home through cracks, chips, and open spaces in windows, doors, and foundation. Regularly inspect the home for signs of damage and make repairs to prevent pests.

4.    Toss It: Trash build up in the home or in the lawn is another way that you are attracting pests to the home. Make sure you throw out trash and keep a receptacle outside of the house.

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5.    Turn Out the Lights: Pests like mosquitos and gnats are attracted to light. Keep the lights out and the nuisance that pests such as those cause is one less thing to worry about.

Keep a Pest-Free Home With These Ideas

The five tips above are a few ways to keep your house pest free. No one wants to live with pests. Make sure you take every possible effort to keep pests out of your house. It’s easy effort worth your trouble!