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Please Clean Your Office Already

Jul 22 2020

office cleaning charlotte

This kind request comes from a gentle soul, what could otherwise qualify as a very good client indeed. He or she may have been on your books for years and years but now the good client is on tenterhooks. The nature of the business to client arrangement required the client to visit the office premises. How it was possible to get any work done around the place could be stuff for a science fiction drama. But no, the good client was not a drama queen. Nor was he on anger management training.

Cool, calm and collected, he had been coming in at least once a week to see the business manager for who knows how many years already. And then it had to happen. While the renowned client was known for an enduring virtue – patience – he finally lost it. He lost his cucumber. Fortunately for the client, he did not lose his marbles. Things were bad enough as it was. But now suddenly, pretty much everyone was running scared over this virus pandemic. People were starting to wonder. Where was their next meal ticket going to come from?

From the tooth fairy? Certainly not. All helter skelter, rivals were jockeying for position, endeavouring to get their proverbial act together. And all of a sudden, they were taking office cleaning charlotte schedules pretty darn seriously. And these were businesses that were generally doing fairly okay in the good housekeeping department. Only the thing was, it was just never up to scratch. People only seem to realise these things when judgment day arrives. But you know what happens on judgment day?

You get left behind. And so it goes that the business owner who wore complacency as though it were his badge of honor had to close his doors for good.