Hire An Agency Or Do It Yourself?

Jul 16 2020

In the world of online business and in general activities we are conditioned to what it now and get instant results.  However, in the world of SEO this is seldom the case.  When working with SEO we are working with a long-term objective that will eventually become so powerful that it can’t be stopped. 

Companies such as Digital Current use SEO as their business model to help build themselves up as an agency as well as help others with their specific projects.  When working with a phoenix seo agency many people believe that they can do what they do on their own.  Here are some pros and cons to this argument.

Knowing what works

When it comes to doing SEO agencies have been in the game for awhile and they know what works and what doesn’t.  For the average person, learning what works can be done but once it is learned that topic or strategy may be obsolete and or note effective.  When doing it yourself you can do it, however, if you are looking for proven results going with an agency is your best bet.


In business it is all about getting and working with connections.  This can be done by creating massive email lists that can have offers sent to them as well as clients that know and trust you that will be willing to spend money with you.  As an individual creating these connections can take time and you might not get as good of a list that an agency can get.  This is why going with an agency will also be a better choice.

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When running your business price is a major factor.  We wall want to maximize our profits and build ourselves up.  When working with an agency you may be saddled with a huge bill that may or may not pay off for you in the end.  However, if you do it on your own, you can be spending money in the wrong places or not achieving your ultimate results or potential simply because you spent too much time trying to make it right.

With all of these factors in play, an agency is typically the best bet for time and money. However, if you feel that you can do it alone, there is nothing wrong with that.  Simply know what you could be losing in the long run in time, money and experience.