Why Are Ticks Attracted to You?

Jul 22 2020

Ticks are one of the most dangerous insects in the United States, right next to mosquitos in their ability to transmit diseases to humans. Ticks cause more cases of illness and disease than mosquitos in the U.S., which makes them something to watch out for.

Why do ticks like to bite humans, though? Let’s explore this topic a bit and get into what makes you attractive to these blood-sucking critters.

Blood Type

It has been found that mosquitos prefer certain blood types to others and the same can be said for ticks. Ticks prefer individuals with blood type A while their least favorite blood type is B.

My Blood Type Attracts Ticks?

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Yes, but not quite. Ticks can sense the body heat of animals and humans near them and are sensitive to carbon dioxide, which is released when exhaling. These creatures can also detect lactic acid, which is released when the body sweats.

What About Clothing?

Clothing can help a bit with tick control baltimore, as lighter colors tend to attract them. If you’re going into a heavily wooded area or an area where many ticks are known to be, wear darker clothing along with long sleeved shirts and pants. You may also want to consider wearing clothing treated with insecticide.

Yards Attract Ticks, Too

Your backyard may be the source of your tick problems, especially if you have a lot of debris or leaves on your property. Ticks like hiding in vegetation and piles of debris, so cleaning your yard can make it a lot less attractive to ticks.

Ticks are attracted to numerous things, all of which put them in line with exposure to humans and animals that live near humans and interact with them. Keep these items in mind to make sure that you’re making yourself as unattractive to ticks as possible, preventing bites.