Will You Be Requiring Dutch Plumbing Expert?

Jan 17 2020

You would need a Dutch plumbing expert if you are living quite close to that great, big wall. No, not the Wall of China, there is hardly any water there, that famous wall the people in the Low Countries built all those centuries ago. There is a crazy reason why it is called that. You see, all those years ago, these rather interesting people, rather famous for making cheese and harvesting tulips and a couple of other things that could not be mentioned here at this time – But Dutch plumbing? Well, let’s just hope so…

The story continues… You see, all those years ago, those famous yokels, you know, the ones that wore wooden shoes instead of leather like everyone else, decided to build their country homes way, way below sea level. Crazy or what. And it was not as though they were short of land at the time. You see, they were good at that sort of thing. Before the British took over from them, the Dutch were renowned for being the best darn shipbuilders and mariners in the world. And batavia plumbing?

batavia plumbing

Well, for their sake, let’s hope so. And are these people crazy or what? What business did they have building dykes like that so that they could live below sea level like that, not above sea level like everyone else. You wonder what they had been smoking. Because what if that dyke’s walls should burst with holes? Will they have enough plumbers around to fix the joint? Or will they have to import Batavia plumbers to help them out? You never know these days. Because as well you should know, the sea levels are rising as we speak.

Honestly hope you’ll never need a Dutchman.