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Denied Entry With Advance Parole. There are a lot of people scared to travel in this particular situation but try as I might I cannot even find one negative situation like this online from 2014 or afterwards. HonoraryCitizen 179 HonoraryCitizen 179 Member.

U S Entry Restrictions Partially Lifted
U S Entry Restrictions Partially Lifted from

However vising your parents or your husbands parents that are sick and old is a legitimate reason of travel under Humanitarian Purposes for Advance Parole. Can I Be Denied Entry at the POE Despite Having Advance Parole. Aliens with an advance parole document are still subject to the standard immigration inspection by US.

Yes you may still be denied entry to the US.

You are granted advance parole before you leave the United States. Such foreign nationals must be approved for Advance Parole before leaving the US. You should never apply for Advance Parole if you have NO LEGITIMATE reason. Upon return these aliens may be found inadmissible their applications may be denied or both.