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Drilling Holes In Joists. Although notches arent allowed in the center third of a joists length you can drill holes anywhere along the length of the floor joist in that 5 14-in. This is where the compressive and tensile load distribution is neutralised.

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There are regulations in the UK you must follow in new build insta. Singlemultiple timber structural beams rafters purlins and binders must never be notched or drilled without calculations to justify the remaining timber. NEVER drill a hole within 1 of the end of any beam or a floor joist.

Drilling Holes in Joists to run Cables wires Through Installation Considerations inc Calculations - YouTube.

Additional holes must be at least three diameters centre to centre apart. Away from the top and bottom. Holes cannot be closer than 2 to the bottom or top of a joist or to another hole or notch in the joist Drilling Floor Joists. Never cut the bottom or top of a joist.