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My Apartment Smells Like Smoke. Wipe washable surfaces down with one cup of white vinegar per quart of water using a soft lint-free cloth. You might send them a short note describing that the smoke smell was there since you moved in just to get that fact nailed down.

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Certain materials like drywall or fabric are absorbent. So if you dont mind your apartment smelling like a salad for a little while pour some small bowls of white vinegar and let them sit in the worst-smelling rooms of the apartment for a while. The fire department may find the source of the smoke and potential sources include burning plastic metal or electrical fires.

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What can I do if my apartment smells like smoke. If you live in an apartment building where people can walk past or sit close to your open doors and windows the cigarette smoke smell could be coming from outside. Its hard to rent a place when the first thing the prospective tenant notices is an unpleasant smell. Why does my apt smell like smoke.